Local Rules

1. OUT OF BOUNDS (OOB) - Rule 18 applies.  When a ball comes to rest beyond any fence, hedge or white posts marking the boundary of the Course and white posts marking the area around the Clubhouse and practice putting greens. Also the Green-keepers shed and enclosure, carpark and practice area to the left of the 18th hole as marked by white posts. The boards at the rear of the 3rd green  form the Out of Bounds boundary and free relief is NOT available, therefore the player may elect to declare a ball unplayable and proceed under Rule 19. 

2. PENALTY AREAS (Formerly Water Hazards, Ditches, etc.)  - Rule 17.  Relief may be taken under Rule 17.1 from the areas, defined by Red Lines or stakes.  If a ball is in the Penalty Area in front of the 10th Tee or in the ponds on the 12th, players have the option to drop a ball in the Drop Zones provided, under penalty of one stroke.

3. IMMOVABLE OBSTRUCTIONS - Rule 16.  including all artificially surfaced pathways, All paths, including walkways to the 2nd Tee, from the 2nd Fairway to the 3rd Tee, the public by-way crossing the 11th and 15th holes and to the left of the 14th hole, but with the exception of grass paths, are deemed to have artificial surfaces and free relief MAY be taken.  If a ball comes to rest on the artificial paths leading from the 1st, 10th or 11th tees relief MUST be taken without penalty.  The half-way house and surrounds are classed as immovable and relief may be taken if a ball lies on them or it they interfere with the player's stance or intended swing.  There is no relief purely for the impairment of "line of sight".

4. STAKED, FENCED and/or GAITERED TREES/SHRUBS are immovable obstructions and relief MUST be taken in accordance with Rule 16.

All fixed sprinkler heads and distance plates are immovable obstructions and relief from interference by them may be obtained under Rule 16. In addition, under Model Local Rule F-5, if such an obstruction on or within two club-lengths of the putting green of the hole being played intervenes on the line of play between the ball and the hole, the player may obtain relief, without penalty, as follows:- If the ball lies off the putting green but not in a Bunker or Penalty Area and is within two club-lengths of the intervening obstruction, it may be lifted, cleaned and dropped at the nearest point to where the ball lay which:
a) Is not nearer the hole
b) Avoids such intervention and
c) Is not in a bunker or penalty area or on a putting green.

6. AERATION HOLES/SLITS - Rule 16.  If a player's ball lies in or touches an aeration hole or slit:  (a) Ball in General Area.  The player may take some relief under Rule 16.1b.  If the ball comes to rest in another aeration hole/slit the player may take relief again under this Local Rule.  (b) Ball on Putting Green.  The player may take relief again under Rule 16.1d.  But interference does not exist if the aeration hole only interferes with the player's stance or, on the putting green, on the player's line of play.

7. INTEGRAL OBJECTS - Rule 2.3 & 8.1a  The following are defined as Integral Objects, from which free relief is not allowed:  Pebbles and Slabs in Penalty Areas (ditches) on holes 12, 13 and 14.  All bunker blinders/liners in their intended postition.

Stroke Play- General Penalty, Two strokes
Match Play- General Penalty,  Loss of Hole.

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