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Club News


    Golf is a game which requires players to play by the rules and relies on the integrity of the individual to show consideration for other players and for the course.

    Doncaster Golf Club is proud to uphold this principle and in an effort to assist members and visitors we note below a few basic pointers which may help all those involved.


    The R and A rules of golf should be followed at all times.

    Players should conduct themselves in a disciplined and sportsmanlike manner, showing consideration for others.

    Do not move or talk whilst others are about to play.

    Do not display anger or frustration in an aggressive manner such as throwing clubs or using bad language etc.

    Switch off all mobile phones or other electronic communication devices.


    Do not play until the players in front are out of range. Shout 'Fore' if a ball is likely to hit anyone.


    Play can only commence from the 1st and 10th tees.

    Players starting a round must give way to players approaching the 9th or 18th tees if they intend to carry on. After giving way to that group play may commence.

    Only practice in designated areas and not on the course.


    Keep up a good pace.

    If the group in front is more than a hole ahead and the group behind is kept waiting to play, you must allow them to play through.

    If a ball is lost and the group behind are waiting to play, invite them to play through immediately and not after searching for 5 minutes.


    Repair divots in all areas of the course including the rough and semi-rough.

    Repair divots on the tees with soil from the boxes.

    Rake bunkers thoroughly and leave the sand how you would expect to find it. This includes repairing splash marks and footprints.

    Repair your own pitch marks and at least one other before leaving the greens.

    Do not take trolleys or buggies within 10 metres of the greens, greenside bunkers and on the tees .


    It is everyone's duty to police these issues and therefore it is perfectly acceptable to politely remind fellow golfers should they be in breach of any of the points above.

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