Dress Code

All visitors and guests are expected to be appropriately dressed on the course and in the Clubhouse and surrounding areas. The Club reserves the right to refuse access to anyone not conforming to these rules

On the Course:
• Approved Golf attire must be worn
• Gentlemen must wear shirts with collars and sleeves. Collars may be substituted by polo or turtle neck tops
• All shirts must be tucked into trousers or shorts
• All shorts must be tailored and to the knee. Cargo, or camouflage shorts etc not allowed
• Knee length, ankle and trainer sports socks may be worn with shorts
• Trousers must not be tucked into socks unless under waterproof trousers
• Headwear must be worn in the appropriate way e.g. peaked caps not back to front etc
• Recognised golf shoes must be worn
• Ladies may wear sleeveless shirts with a collar, or collarless tops with sleeves. They may wear shirts that are shaped and designed to be worn outside trousers
• Ladies may wear shorts or calf length trousers and may wear white trainer socks
• No trainers, tracksuits, blue denim jeans, sports shoes

In the Clubhouse:
• Smart casual wear
• Clean dry golf attire is acceptable as smart casual wear
• No tracksuits, tee shirts, beachwear, waterproofs, headgear, trainers, etc
• Smart blue denim jeans will be allowed in the Clubhouse after 4.00pm.

Course Etiquette

Golf is a game which requires players to play by the rules and show consideration for other players and the course. Doncaster Golf Club is proud to uphold this principle and in an effort to assist visitors we ask that you take note of the following guidance:

• Players should conduct themselves in a disciplined and sportsmanlike manner, showing consideration for others.
• Please do not display anger or frustration in an aggressive manner such as throwing clubs or using bad language etc.
• Please switch off all mobile phones or other electronic communication devices.

• Please do not play until the players in front are out of range.
• Please shout ‘FORE’ if a ball is in danger of hitting someone. Also, please report any “near misses” to the Pro after completing your round.

• Please keep up a good pace. If the group in front is more than a hole ahead and the group behind is waiting to play, please allow them to play through.
• If a ball is lost and the group behind are waiting to play, please invite them through immediately.

• Please repair divots in all areas of the course including the rough and semi rough.
• Please repair divots on the tees with soil from the boxes on the tees.
• Please rake bunkers thoroughly and leave them how you would expect to find them.
• Please repair your own pitch mark before leaving the green.
• Please do not take trolleys or buggies within 10 metres of the green and NEVER between the green and greenside bunkers.

Insurance Cover

Visiting golfers should note that Doncaster Golf Club’s insurance arrangements do not cover individual golfers for any personal liabilities they may incur due to their actions when playing at the Club. Golfers are therefore advised to ensure they have appropriate insurance cover in place. Doncaster Golf Club will accept no responsibility for the actions of visiting golfers.

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